Mitton Hall - 160 Guests


Before my wedding I didn't have a clue where to start to find my perfect wedding band. I had an idea of the sort of music & band I wanted but didn't know where to find it. When I heard about Festival Wedding Acts I was massively relieved as it provided a range of options and prices to cater towards what I was looking for. Music plays a big part in my life, so it was hugely important that I got the right band for our special day. When I heard that they had just the band I was looking for (A Ray of Charles) I was really excited as I knew it would work perfectly for the wedding. I was even provided with a repertoire of the band with some flexibility to pick out my preferred set list. Owen organised all the logistic for the day in terms of arranging the equipment, load in & out, liaising with the venue & band and took on all the headache & time consuming organisation that otherwise I would have had to do. This was a big help as there is so much to sort out on the day & in the build up. The band were really amazing and people are telling me a year on how great they were. The sound was great & they looked the part as well which is also important on the day. It really made out wedding day even more memorable. I could not recommend Festival Wedding Acts enough, they were thorough & professional throughout.

Will & Beth


RaCquet Club, Liverpool - 90 Guests

Amy & Adam

Festival wedding acts really saved our bacon.

Just 7 weeks before our wedding our DJ cancelled on us to take a different show.  We were stressing out because we didn't want to get stuck with your standard chart-playing wedding DJ. Thankfully, within a few days Owen had organised Burnitov (a member of the Mixnots) to play an incredible, eclectic set at our wedding.

The tune selections as spot on.  Full of unlikely toe-tapping funk, soul and disco with a few unlikely pop classics thrown in.  Burnitov even closed the set with 'We Could Have Been Anything" from Bugsy Malone, which unbeknownst to the DJ was a long-standing favourite of the Groom's family!

A massive thanks to Owen and his team!



Rumbolds Farm - 140 Guests


Owen and the team at F.W.A. were a true godsend.  We were in the market for something completely different and the selection of acts we got from the site turned out Wedding into nothing short of a memorable extravaganza.

All headaches were taken on directly by Owen we just had to sit back and watch the party take everyone by storm.