Famed for their wide-ranging musical tastes, boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, this eclectic collective have brought good music and positive vibes to every crowd and venue they've partied with. Playing all the best tunes from all the best eras Mixnots excel at bringing the celebration to the dance floor and have rocked over 40 weddings.

Just don't expect to hire them on Glastonbury weekend as they will be busy throwing their legendary 6-hour closing party at the festival!



Kaptin and Matt The Hat first started spinning vintage classics, rehashes + remixes back in 2005 under the name The Chaps until life sent them in different directions. Matt became the proprietor of an Inflatable Church and headed off around the festival circuit, whilst Kaptin discovered Glitch-Hop and all manner of new Electronic genres, and with his Chrome Kids crew set about providing mixes for the likes of BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1Xtra, and well received DJ sets at festivals such as Glastonbury and Bestival. Some time later, the legendary Chris Tofu introduced them to Electro Swing, and on finding their common love for the new genre, they dusted off their cravats and tweed jackets and under their new Big Swing Soundsystem moniker, set off into the wider world together again to unleash their selections of Swing, Nu-Swing, Electro Swing, Swing hop, Chap-Hop and other such treasures onto the unsuspecting public at large.

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By pairing classic funk and soul, with eclectic favourites and familiar crowd pleasers, Stutter & Twitch have hit a winning formula. Handpicking tracks from a list of old, new and rare grooves from the ages creates a memorable night for their audience, rich with nostalgic moments and pleasant surprise.

The duo are the forerunners of Manchester's often illusive Funk n' Soul scene and have held frequently held crowds at ransom with to-die-for sets at events such as Craig Charles' lauded Funk n' Soul club night.