The video below says it all. These chaps are as fun-lovin' as they come and are guaranteed to be an instant favourite amongst your dance-floor aficionados and laid-back seated chatters. 

With a nod to their roots in Pop, Funk and Hip Hop, their brassy twist on classic tunes combined with electrifying showmanship will ignite any wedding.


Back Chat Brass features five vibrant horns, foot-stomping percussion and bone shaking bass.

It's an all-star lineup that showcases the best of brass, for a show to rival all others.



A Ray of Charles are one of the finest cover bands active right now, Specialising in - but by no means limited to - Ray Charles classics. The lead singer is an inch perfect doppelgänger for the main man himself, the backing singers bring some stunning harmonies & dance moves and the band are consummate professionals performing instantly recognisable hits from the 50s and 60s. A must for music lovers and a massive bonus for dance floor enthusiasts.



Tantz can take a wedding celebration to a completely unexpected and beautiful place. They've cut their teeth wowing alternative club nights and festivals across Europe, mixing Balkan and gypsy themes with electrifying instrumentals and a light-hearted performance style. 


Their music gives all who hear it the dancing bug.  Partners will be thrown and Grandmothers will surely be swung.



A brass band to die for!  These chaps have graced festivals from Glastonbury to Bestival and love playing vibrant, open-minded weddings. Their blend of unique, foot-stomping covers and infectious originals are sure to steer any wedding from restrained fun, to the most memorable, wild and talked about event of the year. 


Although most online footage of Riot Jazz includes their famed hype-man MC Chunky, Riot Jazz find that weddings are best served with nothing but brass, brass and MORE BRASS.



Touring the world for 14 years, the Baghdaddies specialise in world music, with strong Balkan tendencies alongside Caribbean grooves, Middle Eastern rhythms and even some Geordie touches, all awash with influences such as ska, jazz. The music is delivered with theatre and exuberance. It's uplifting and infectiously danceable, full of blistering brass, rousing 5 part vocal harmonies and a rhythm section that you can’t keep still to. Songs to listen to and party!


The Baghdaddies perform at festivals and venues all over the world, they also perform street shows and can also change their instrumentation to a Roma Brass band style with marching drum, sousaphone, trombone, sax and trumpet.



The Brass Funkeys put their spirited second line revelry, soulful jazz marches, galloping gypsy czárdás, pumping brass driven funk and attention to detail to good use. reworking and reimaginings well known and loved songs. Equally happy and effective performing on stage and in a walkabout capacity they are the ideal band to entertain your guests and to help keeping the energy up at your function. Fantastic to Lead your guests like several smartly dressed Pied Pipers and create a buzz from the very start.



The Loose Moose String Band comprise of a gang of acoustic music lovers from Liverpool. Guitar, banjo and double bass with an eye for detail and an ear for perfection, their styles include but not limited to Bluegrass, Old Time, Western, Swing, Rock and Roll and even a few 80's classics, these fine young chaps will provide the perfect, footstompin' acoustic addition to your big day. .



These beautiful chameleons of the brass band scene have a wide range of the most excellent tunes for your selection.  With their roots in New Orleans trad, the Brass Volcanoes can slip seamlessly between your Grandma's favourite swing track and your Niece's pop preference!



The Manouchetones (man-oosh-tones) bring the sound and atmosphere of 1930's Paris to your venue or event. Close your eyes and picture the swinging dance halls of the Champs Elysee or the smoke filled jazz clubs of the Montmartre and we have the soundtrack to take you there.

Wether swinging along to It Don't Mean a ThingNight & Day or Sweet Georgia Brown or laying back on Nuages or Georgia on my Mind the band are adept at providing the perfect atmosphere for any event. From Bossa Nova to Blues or Parisian Waltz, the set can be tailored specifically to your needs. 


Although the ensemble has a core of a trio it can be expanded to add violin and/or a vocalist if required.



The perfect soundtrack to canapés and champagne with friends and family. Lulu Swing provide a nostalgic cheer to any event they attend and are available acoustic or amplified.  We cannot resist their gentlemanly charms.



Statuesque Elle and her pocket-sized belles will transport you back to the times of dance halls and speakeasies with their glamorous style and note perfect homage to the golden years of hollywood. Able to perform acapella, with musical backing and in a more modern, uptempo imagining with a DJ (Mista Trick) they can cater for many different event styles from intimate vocal performance right through to uptempo festival style knees up and they can certainly provide two or more very different performances at the same event. This group of fantastic singers and performers will capture your guests ears, eyes and hearts.



This marvellous eleven-some will grab any wedding by the horns and proceed to shake, rattle and roll. Fronted by a trio of beautiful female soul singers and backed by a lively brass, bass and drum section. Think Motown, funk and soul with a crowd full of smiles. perfect for getting cool in the summer sun but also for warming up even the chilliest of winter celebrations.  The Soul Rays also offer a full set of vibrant brass-spanking covers.



Will and the People are a rock, pop and reggae band from Brighton, Performing uplifting, quirky and original music. They have gained a strong following in the UK, Europe and America and are the kind of band who make an impact on any audience they perform for. Phenomenal musicians in their own right, they constantly swap instruments throughout their performance, keyboards, guitars, bass and drums. Front man - Will also writes fantastic, thought provoking lyrics and the whole band sing in dazzling 4 part harmonies.  Will and the People are a band unlike any other.

Best Seen AND heard to fully understand...



Bringing an eclectic mash-up of folk, funk, punk and drum and bass to the table, these pioneering musicians won’t let your guests' feet stand still for a minute! With their eccentric approach and bass rocking drops, this new wave of unique compositions demands your attention and it’s easy to see why the festival fields have been going crazy for their Jump-up Folk stylings all summer.

forest of fools have a broad-ranging appeal to audiences both young and old, it's high-energy party music for the masses, delivered with vibrantly energetic stage presence and phenomenally tight live performance.